Can we explain Life?

14 Aug

When you will really know how to live the life you will be able to explain it. So,live your life with own best way without hurting anyone. Enjoy the every next day from today as well as try to make your everyday wonderful and enjoyable. You should know that, life is not a race,but it’s the inning to enjoy the happy moments,there are so many problems in our life,so we don’t have to be scared because we have to face that problems and to won one more trophy. If you really want to enjoy the life so you have to enjoy the happy moments and to forget the sorrows of our life.¬† Make your self¬† like a water,where you will able to adjust yourself with every situation. Then you can proudly say that no one can take my place because it is made for me. Someday when you will understand that how to live after that you can do anything. Change is the biggest necessity if you don’t know how to live. Try to avoid anger and control on yourself. You have to be positive in every situation of your life. Enjoy this new start of life by knowing the meaning of life.